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Yoga for Senior Citizens

Online yoga therapy sessions with individual classes for old age groups above 60.

yoga for senior citizens

Why yoga therapy?

Looking for a way to improve your flexibility and mobility as you age? Look no further than yoga therapy for seniors! Our online personal individual yoga classes are tailored specifically for older adults, and can help improve your overall health and well-being.

Everyone cares for their parents, but in today’s climate of busy work schedules and long hours, it’s difficult to find the time to care for them the way they deserve. That’s where Brahmayoga Vidyapeedam’s online yoga classes comes in. We offer a program for the parents of busy professionals. We take responsibility for keeping your parents fit and healthy, so you can rest assured that they are in good hands. Book our program today and give your parents the gift of health and peace of mind.

Start your online personal individual sessions right from the comfort of your home.


Reduced stress, anxiety & depression

Improved sleeping patterns

Improve flexibility, balance & mobility

Manages blood pressure

Slows down aging process

Controls obesity

Relief from joint pain

Relief from allergies

Regulate hormone levels

Controls diabetes

Regulates cholesterol

Improve health & immunity power

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Certified Yoga Trainers

Live interactive training with expert & qualified yoga trainers

Suitable Time Slots

Customized time based on your convenience

Worldwide Sessions

Yoga training in English, Malayalam & Tamil

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